You know that you want to change something with your body and level of fitness. Now is the time! We can help you transform your body and your life… for that “New You” that you want.

  • Do you have 20 lbs, 30 lbs or more that you want to lose?
  • Would you like to drop a couple of pants sizes?
  • Are you not realizing results with your current fitness efforts?
  • Are you looking for a fitness program that produces results?
  • Can you dedicate 1 hour of effort 3 or 4 days weekly over the next two months?

If so, our 60-Day Intensive Fitness Program in Port St. Lucie is designed to teach you how to apply the fitness principles that you need to transform your body and achieve results! Whether you’re a pre-teen, a senior, or anywhere in between, we can help you achieve your desired results with our effective, safe and progressive fitness program.


Our 60-Day Intensive Fitness Program will be customized for your goals.
The benefits of your program include:


- Losing body fat and weight
- Improved cardiovascular function
- Increasing energy and endorphins*


- Increasing strength
- Gaining muscle mass
- Breaking through plateaus
- Gaining coordination and balance


- Nutrition Plan
- Weekly Weight Check-In
- Improving physical appearance
- Increasing confidence 

* A group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system and having a number of physiological functions including the sense of well-being and calmness.

Call to Discuss Your Goals


Hello – My name is Stephen Waite, owner of EliteX Personal Training. My passion is helping people realize their fitness goals.

As a certified trainer, I will evaluate your current physical condition and customize your 60-Day Intensive Fitness Program to meet your goals.

Before enrolling in a fitness program, it’s important that we discuss your goals and conduct an orientation session* at our gym. During this session we’ll get a chance to meet and discuss your desired goals and experience how I will work with you.

* We enroll serious individuals that are willing dedicate time and effort in a program 4-5 days a week. This includes working out with me 3 times per week, self-directed aerobic exercise routine 2 times per week, and following a nutritional plan that we design together.


Don L.

When I started training with Steve at age 26, I weighed 185 lbs. and had 20.8% body fat. With the help of having Steve as a trainer, I lost 8 lbs. and reduced body fat to 16.3% in just two months! I lost the unwanted fat and have been gaining the desired muscle mass. I finally found the drive to get into the gym and for someone to coach and push me toward my goals. Now my attitude about myself is completely different because I can see that I’m leaner and feel better.

Jeffrey White

Steve has a thorough understanding of how the body works and he adjusts the training program specific to the needs of his clients. His approach to fitness is different than what is experienced with most trainers/coaches. Steve incorporates a holistic approach that combines aerobics, strength training and an easy to follow nutritional plan. Having Steve as my fitness coach is helping me achieve my goals in a rapid and safe manner.

Hugh H.

I am 64 years old and suffered a traumatic brain injury a few years ago and I am aging. Steve has been a ‘godsend’ because he is able to create a workout schedule that matches my needs. He listens, he has a good ‘touch’ and I look forward to getting stronger thanks to his help.



Intensive 60-Day Program
Reach Your Goals!

Complimentary Orientation & Coaching Session

16 x 1-Hour Training Sessions

8 Week Nutritional Program

Weekly Notifications and Check-Ins

Custom 60-Day Program
Created For You

1-Hour Training Sessions

8 Week Nutritional Program

Weekly Notifications and Check-Ins

* Note - Although the 60-Day Intensive Fitness Program is designed for optimal results in a two month period, it's understood that your scheduling of sessions may be interrupted due to illness or other personal reasons. Therefore, we allow you to utilize the number of training sessions in your program within a three month period starting from the date of enrollment.

Before enrolling in our 60-Day Intensive Fitness Program, it’s important for us to have a brief phone conversation to discuss your personal fitness and goals. If we agree that our program may be a good fit for you, then you’ll be invited to a Complimentary Orientation & Coaching Session at our gym. During this session we’ll get a chance to meet and you’ll experience how I will work with you. Then you can decide of our 60-Day Intensive Fitness Program is right for you.

Call to Discuss Your Goals

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60-Day Intensive Fitness Program

Call to Discuss Your Goals

Stephen Waite, Owner - EliteX Personal Training